Master Purchasing Description Subcategory
Subcategory Description Items
SV Services SV42 Data entry services view
SV Services SV43 Crane services view
SV Services SV44 Professional training / education-based services - trainer; speaker; specialist writer; workshop facilitator; seminar organiser; distributor of printed educational materials view
SV Services SV45 Professional / specialised services - broadcasting / shoot-related (sound and lighting; set and props) view
SV Services SV47 Professional / specialised services - broadcasting programme-related (e.g. editing; subtitling; dubbing; script; narration; voice over) view
SV Services SV50 Professional / technical / specialised services - Environmental protection and management; indoor air quality; water sampling and analysis view
SV Services SV51 Specialised services - Mobile content / interactive services provider view
SV Services SV52 Specialised services - Graphic design view
SV Services SV53 Specialised services - Audio; visual recording view
SV Services SV54 Specialised services - Song composition view
SV Services SV55 Professional / specialised services - Post-production view
SV Services SV57 Laundry services view
SV Services SV58 Telecommunications service provider view
SV Services SV59 Public relations services view
SV Services SV61 Newspaper distributor view